Building Self Esteem, Simplified

Self esteem is all about having a good opinion of yourself. You can build your self-esteem by following these specific tips:

Give something up

When life is not working for you, the universe is asking you to give up. Give up thoughts, beliefs and fears that are holding you back. Dont hold onto the old stuff.

Start with the easy part

A common habit of people is to think about the most complex part of any problem first.

However, dont start with the 'deep end' of any challenge. Overcome the mini-challenges first. Then build on the momentum and with the increase in self confidence attack the difficult part later.

Do more of what lifts your spirits

Keep a note of the activities that make you feel good and refresh your spirits. This could be listening to music, reading, playing tennis, or simply watching a movie. Do more of these.

Keep a record of the compliments that really meann something to you

Write down the compliment. Reading it later will help you to appreciate and feel good about yourself.

Try try till you succeed

Dont decrease in persistence. Sometimes, you will feel like giving up even before you have begun. This is especially true if we know that someone else has tried and failed. Never turn down an opportunity to do something new, just because it has been attempted before.

Change your self talk

Follow the lead of successful sports stars and use encouraging self talk. Frame the conversation with yourself in the right positive context. This will enhance your confidence as well as performance.

People with low self confidence are fearful, negative, passive, tense, aggressive, indecisive and feel inadequate about their abilities.

Indeed, people who follow atleast some of the above steps will see that they feel more relaxed, positive, expressive and are more assertive with peers.

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