Self Confidence Worksheet

We have designed a self confidence worksheet for you. These are a set of questions which will help you determine your current level of confidence.

Go through the following questions and determine your response. Please be honest with your answers. A good policy is to stick to the first answer which comes to your mind.

To arrive at your score, please use the following guide:

1- Disagree strongly

2- Disagree somewhat

3- Cant make up my mind

4- Agree somewhat

5- Agree strongly


1- I find it easy to stick to my goals and achieve them consistently.

2- I dont get cowed down by unforeseen obstacles and 'm usually able to overcome them.

3- I can find ways to achieve my goals even when people oppose me.

4- I can usually find various solutions to the problems I face.

5- I always focus on the good side of things.

6- I dont worry too much about the future.

7- I believe that all setbacks are temporary ones.

8- I put in more efforts in my work if things arent going as per plan.

9- I'm absolutely certain that I can cope with anything which life throws at me.

10- I always manage to solve difficult problems by trying different approaches.

Understanding Your Score

- Score of between 41 and 50:

You are a very confident person. And I guess you dont need this website! At best, you could use the information here to just reinforce your beliefs and attitudes.

- Score between 31 and 40:

You are confident most of the time in facing life's challenges.

-Score between 21 and 30:

You are feeling anxiety and worry about future outcomes.

-Score between 10 and 20:

Your confidence is quite low at the moment. But dont worry, the ideas in this website can really help you.

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