The Confidence Simplified Blog

This blog is about gaining self-confidence and self-esteem while gaining trust trust in ones own abilities.

Learn tips to gain confidence in your personal and professional life. And we aim for simplicity-so you wont find any long winded text here. What you get is to-the-point suggestions. For us brevity is king!

Confidence Ideas

Simple Confidence Ideas for joyful living

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Prayers for Confidence

Here are some prayers for confidence

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Gaining Marketing Confidence

How to gain marketing confidence

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Self Confidence, Simplified!

Learning about self confidence can be done in simple easy steps here... Gain trust in your own abilities, enjoy an edge and live your dream life...

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Public Speaking with Confidence

Public speaking with confidence? Learn here...

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quotes about confidence

Quotes about confidence to get inspired

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Sales Confidence

Learn all about sales confidence

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confidence resources

Confidence resources for further exploration

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Confidence is good, Overconfidence is NOT!

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overcoming fear

Overcoming Fear in simple steps

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