Self confidence anxiety, dont go well together! banish one to gain other.

Anxiety is painful. When you feel anxious you think you are dealing with things but you aren’t. Anxiety and confidence are closely related. Constant state of anxiety slowly erodes your self confidence.

Our lives are filled with uncertainty particularly in this challenging economic climate. So many of us are filled with anxiety and worry. When you are anxious, you are saying, “I don’t know how things will turn out, but I’m afraid that they wont turn out well.”

Your anxiety will try to tell you that its better than you are since its adept at bringing up all potential bad outcomes which you hadn’t thought of. So let it take over.

And a lot of people who loved you, like your parents, worried about you to show their love. So you allow worry and anxiety into your life as a way of showing your love for yourself.

Tips and Techniques


Anxiety and worry are all about predicting bad things for the future. You can replace those feelings by anticipating positive outcomes. You can think about good things happening or how the things that will happen will be for the ultimate good.

This technique is also called pivoting.

Patient Timing

Mira Kirshenbaum in her book The Emotional Energy Factor has suggested few methods to let go of worry.

The first is termed ‘patient timing’. She says that lot of worry gets taken up with thinking about when something is going to happen.You want a new job but you become anxious because you want to get it within the next couple of months. But if you let go of the timing issue, fear disappears and you can then let of anxiety.

Be Open to All Potential Outcomes

The second method is being open to a whole spectrum of outcomes. Humility about our ability to see into the future helps in letting go of that one particular outcome you were hoping for. And there could be many happy outcomes which you hadn’t even anticipated.