Sales Confidence, Simplified!

Anyone can gain sales confidence by doing the following things during the sales cycle:

-Understand your product or service well:

Read up on all flyers and datasheets related to your product.

-Qualify the Opportunity

The key qualifying question should be “ Would this business happen at all?” Many Sales Opportunities dont necessarily translate to business. This is either because the business problem isnt of great magnitude or urgency, or the project lacks political sponsorship to see it through completion. One should also ascertain if a budget has been allocated for the initiative.

-Understand what business issues your prospect has.

For this you need to know more about your prospects business. You must also set up meetings with various people in the organisation to understand the challenges they are facing.

-Build Preference

The highest level of preference is Trust. Demonstrate Value by clearly articulating how your solution can address these business issues. Identify your Differentiators and highlight them as well. Leverage on previous success stories and highlight how your existing customers have derived value from your solution.

-Identify both the influencers as well as the Decision Makers.

Its good to identify the influencers. If you cultivate them well, they can be a good source of information as well as be your coach. However you must identify the Decision Maker early on in the sales cycle as well so that you can determine their preferences in advance.

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