Public Speaking with Confidence, Simplified

Public speaking with confidence is a key attribute of successful leaders. People who can speak confidenly in front of groups (small or large) command immediate respect and attention. Surveys show that more people are scared of speaking in public compared to being scared of spiders, snakes and flying!

However, anyone can learn about effective public speaking by following some simple tips.

- Focus on your body language and tone of voice. People notice these first before focusing on the content. Your body language will be strong if you are passionate about your topic.

- Focus on just one person in the audience. Just imagine you are having a 1:1 conversation with them.

- Before you start, dont think of all the people you know in the audience. People tend to choke if they think about their well wishers in the audience too much.

-Find our more about your audience. The more you know about them, the better you can prepare.

-Tell a story and make a point. Don’t assault your audience with facts and information. Tell them a story of something that happened to you that illustrates a point. There are high chances of them remembering the story and your point. The speakers who are extraordinary communicators never recite facts – they have a conversation with the audience. They are story-tellers.

-Rehearse the first few lines well. This will help you to make a strong start and help calm the initial nerves.

-Don’t memorise your speech. Just remember the key points and deliver your speech around those points. You don’t have to then think backwards and to recollect your lines. This will allow you to free up your mind to focus on delivery.

-Dress sharp. This will make you feel confident.

Key Take-Aways for public speaking with confidence:- Focus on your body language. Stand tall.

- Focus on just one person in the audience first. Imagine as if you are having a one-to-one conversation with that person.

- Block all thoughts about who is there in the audience. This will enable you to be 'in the present' moment.

- Practice your 'punch lines'. It takes lot of practice to sound impromptu!

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