Posture and Confidence Simplified

Posture and confidence are related. When the head is held up and the face points in an upward direction, it indicates a posture displaying confidence.

A firm handshake is associated with positivity and conviction.

A common gesture seen in corporate life is steepling. Here both hands are close together with finger tips touching and the palms are a short distance apart. This indicates confidence.

Assertive body language conveys confidence and suggest expertise, The way you stand and the manner in whichyou pay attention to others give an impression of certainty and a sense that you ‘feel good about yourself.’

Things like fixing your gaze on the other person and steepling indicate that you are interested in the other person and are interested in what you are being told. A relaxed body language exudes confidence. Turning the hands palms down and appearing to press downwards while talking has the effect of making others look up to you while you are talking.

In summary, following postures and gestures should be adopted to display confidence:

-Keep you head up, but don’t look down your nose. -Walk with an upright posture as if you know your destination well. -Stand upright and maintain an open stance. -While sitting, maintain the steeple position for the hands. -When talking, holds the palms down to indicate certainty.

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