Parenting with Confidence, Simplified!

The first few years of a child’s life are very important. If you do parenting with confidence in these formative years, it becomes easier afterwards. Build parenting confidence during these early years and make sure that your child feels loved. Spend enough time with her and instil the right values and beliefs in her.

The following tips will help you increase confidence in parenting skills:

>Encourage your child to try new things. Its important that she learns not to fear failure and learn by her mistakes. Success will also boost her confidence.

>Teach by example. Your child will imitate you so be at your best behaviour when interacting with her.

>Teach basic social skills and rules. Explain her things like how to share stuff and play with others.

>Teach them to make friends. Childhood friendships have the potential to become memorable ones and your child will thank you for it later.

>Instil morals-a strong sense of what’s wrong and what’s right. Such children grow up to become persons of high integrity and fair play. Invariably they also display strong leadership skills.

>Never compare your child with others.

>Encourage and welcome your child’s friends to visit your home.

>Enrol them in extra curricular classes for swimming, tennis, ballet dancing, painting etc. Its easier to learn these earlier in life. This will also serve as an outlet of self expression and help her develop various facets of her personality. If she shows interest, it could result in a new career as well.

>Don't let your child go off alone unsupervised. Also coach them how to deal with strangers.

The above will help you to become a confident parent resulting in the development of well rounded kids.

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