Confidence is Good, Overconfidence is NOT!

Confidence is good, but overconfidence can be a mistake waiting to happen. While having confidence is good, over confidence can be a liability. You may even say that its a mistake waiting to happen.

It can develop due to various reasons. Some people underestimate the efforts or skills required to complete a particular task. Others in business might just not think too highly of the competition. Or some would just project it just to throw their opponents off guard, but might be fearful inside.

In personal relationships, it may lead people to not spend time with each other or stop being courteous and generally taking each other for granted. In a job interview, it would be going for it without adequate preparation.

It is all about showing respect. One has to respect the person you are interacting with-please remember than every person is unique and brings a unique value to the table. It is also about realising that things will not always turn out the way you want to be. And that you have to have the foresight and be ready with a back up plan to deal with contigencies.

So be confident, adopt all the tips and ideas to gain confidence. But be mindful, dont understimate what is required of you in any situation and, if required, be prepared with a contingency plan.

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