Overcoming Fear, Demystified!

Contrary to popular belief, overcoming fear can be done by just changing the way you think about things.

Fear is a natural emotion. But its not healthy at all. Its serves a purpose in animals. Fear in them causes them to take quick fast actions which can sometimes save their lives. Some call it the 'Fight or Flight' syndrome. Its surprising but true that while humans have evolved physically (we no longer walk using all the four limbs, right!), nature has still retained the Fight or Flight syndrome in us. And thats what causes fear in us.

However, with the right discipline, its simple to learn how to overcome fear. What causes fear is our inability to take life a little less seriously. Think about something in your life which is bothering you terribly. It might look like that the outcome of whatever you are worrying about is very important to you at this point. But just tell yourself that it just doesnt matter to you. Just think that irrespective of the outcome, you will be alright.

At the same time, dont forget that universe doesnt like a vaccum. So lets make you use of this law to our advantage. Replace these fearful thoughts with something which is more positive. Something which gives you joy and hope-these could be both dreams about the future or some fun activities you can get involved in now.

Overcoming fear is also about not falling into the worry trap. It sounds funny but its true-most people let worry take over as a way of loving themselves. Worry almost always throws up all possible bad outcomes, things you wouldnt have even have thought of otherwise. This makes your subcoonscious believe that worry is smarter than you and hence good for you.

However, if you have the ability to worry, you can also have the ability to expect positive future outcomes. Step back. Lengthen your time horizon. Look at the big picture. From a long term perspective, everything will be okay. Instead of being fearful, spend your time and energy to find that perspective. Dont assume that only your viewpoint, about what you want now, is the right one.

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