Marketing Confidence, Simplified

Here are few tips on gaining marketing confidence. Confident Marketing is all about building awareness and generating demand for your product and services.

Simply put, Marketing should be able to make it easier for the sales teams to sell more. Brand Awareness is just the first step in your prospects' minds before they make a purchase decision. So lets take a look at the various stages of the purchase cycle before a sale is actually made.

These are:

1-Awareness (Have they heard of you?)

2-Familiarity (Do they know enough about you?)

3-Trust (Are they willing to consider you?)

4-Preference (Are they willing to give you priority?)

5-Purchase Decision (Are they willing to buy from you?)

6-Retention (or Loyalty)

A prospect goes through these stages in relation to your company before making a purchase decision. Confident Marketing is all about playing a key role in working with the sales and business development teams to progress the prospect through these stages.

Awareness leads to familiarity. Familiarity breeds trust. Trust builds purchase preference for your products/services. And then only a prospect makes a purchase decision. (and the cycle may continue to include Retention.)

For companies selling services, this is all the more difficult because you are not selling anything tangible which your prospective client can 'see, touch and feel'. What you are actually selling is a 'Promise'. The promise to deliver.

So how do you build Trust?

You build Trust by offering experiences showcasing your insights and capabilities. Experiences that will demonstrate value and build credibility in your abilities. You can do that via: -Newsletters -Published Opinion Pieces -Case Studies featuring existing clients -Events/Briefings -Speaking opportunities -Testimonials from existing clients and opinion leaders /influencers 

Towards this end, you can also sometimes offer a trial (eg: in the case of professional services) or a pilot (eg: in the case of software).

The aim of the above should be to seek permission from clients to engage with them- permission to initiate new conversations-these could be new conversations with new clients (prospects) or new conversations with existing clients (for building loyalty for retention or selling new services).

The goal of Confident Marketing should be to help you get that valuable 'permission'. The prospect then gives you the opportunity to engage with them to understand their business issues and pain points, so that you are then better placed to recommend a solution which will address these pain points and help them reach their business objectives.

So gaining confidence in marketing is not just about building brand awareness. You should be constantly asking yourselves-are your programs aligned with winning that 'valuable permission' from your clients. You would be adding tremendous value to the business and support growth if we are able to do that. At the same time, you would be gaining tremendous marketing confidence!

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