Joy of Self Confidence

The joy of self confidence is highly infectious and contagious. Act confident and people will treat you with more respect. And this powers a circle of more joy and self enhancement. Start by gaining self confidence in small steps and you can end up with lots of it.

"Never Complain and Never Explain. "

The above is a confident man's motto as put forth by Disraeli.

He further added-your friends dont need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.

The confident person trusts himself. Confident person's relationship with himself focuses on absolute conviction about intellectual and creative superiority. This results in a self fulfilling prophecy where he achieves his goals as per his desires and his life is full of joy.

People who lack confidence are reluctant to use all their resoureces. They are unwilling to be tested in challenging times and are comforted by faiure, in a perverse way.

"There is no security on this earth. There is only opportunity."

The above were General Macarthur's words. The confident person finds opportunity exciting and insecurity stimulating.

The deepest human desire is to be admired. This is the condition the confident man enjoys. Confident people have presence or charisma. They are full of joy and a sense of certainty and create their own emotional weather. These people change the dynamic of a room.

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