Learn How to Boost Confidence

Everyone can learn how to boost confidence.

Self confidence can be nurtured by many including coaches, mentors and family. But its very important to know and understand how to build your own self confidence for a confident life.

"I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself". -Pietro Aretino

Dr. Albert Bandura's (Professor Emeritus at Stanford University) principles sit at the core of building your confidence. His research shows that there are four key components of building confidence.

Mastery Experiences:

Here you have the past experiences of doing well. If a tennis player hits an ace, he logically sets himself up to hit a good serve next time.

Same is the case with horse riding or base jumping (or anything else in your life), as shown in the photo here...

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Vicarious Learning

This comes from seeing someone do something that you can see yourself also doing in the immediate future.


This involves following and incorporating someone's behaviour that inspires you.

Social Persuasion

This is receiving verbal reinforcement from someone you trust.

Banish Anxiety to Boost Confidence

Banish Anxiety

You can grow your self confidence by integrating all the above components. If you follow these in business, sports or in your personal life, your confidence will get a big boost.