Confidence Yoga - a great tool for building self confidence

Confidence yoga - one of the great definitions of yoga is union of body and mind-it can be used effectively to build self confidence

Confidence Yoga

To be successful in yoga, the body and mind must be engaged, aligned, and connected. How you feel mentally is determined by how you feel physically and how you feel physically determines your mental state.

There are many different exercises in Yoga-these are also called moves or ‘asanas’.(asana is a sanskrit word.) By practicing the moves (asanas) you will improve your posture-stand straighter because your back is erect and your hamstrings are nice and stretched.

This will place you in a nice alert state. You will feel good and you will look good too.

In an unpredictable world, many Yoga practioners find that this is one thing they feel they have control on. This makes them feel good.

The main groups of yoga postures are: standing, seated, reclining (prone & supine), forward bends, back bends, side bends, twists, inverted and balancing postures.

Standing Postures

On a psychological level, standing poses create confidence, enhance willpower, and strengthen character. These poses invigorate the mind and body by eliminating tension, aches, and pains. On the physical side, they also lend strength and mobility to the hips, knees, neck, and shoulders.

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