Confidence with Women, Simplified

Many people worry about being in social situations particulary interacting with confidence with women. In the case of dating, there’s the added pressure of making a good impression.

"Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got". ~Sophia Loren

However gaining confidence with women and the skills of interacting in social situations can be learnt.

-Do a little planning to ensure that your event or date goes well. Know the venue details. Reach there before time. Dont keep you date waiting! This will create the first good impression and will also set you up with a confident start.

-Treat your date like a queen. Every woman likes to be treated with respect and dignity. Please show some chivalry and dont hesitate to open doors for her. She will be touched!

-Have some good talking points ready. This will give you the ammunition to steer the conversation to your advantange, if she shows interest. Please remember, women get attracted to only those guys whom then can respect.

-If you are escorting your date to a party or a social get-together, arriving early means that you will be there before the crowd and can be introduced to people as they enter and settle down. Arriving early also gives you a psychological advantage when dealing with others particularly late comers.

-Bring a wine bottle or some other appropriate gift for the host, where appropriate. This shows that you are thoughtful and immediately creates good vibes all around. Needless to add, your date will also be impressed with your thoughtful gesture!

-Dress sharp. This will set you up nicely for dealing with your date and other people with confidence.

-Be a listener. If you are lend a patient ear, you are remembered as a good conversationlist. Afterall, most people like to talk about themselves and want to share their stories. So show genuine interest in other people’s lives.

-Don’t reply in monosyllables. Be more descriptive with your replies.

-Try to read atleast the headlines of the morning newspaper or your online news provider. This will give you some good talking points. If you come across a good listener, you will then able to add solid value to the conversation. Tell a story to make a point. Add your personal perspective. Your date will remember that for a long time.

-Have a positive language. Smile. You will look more attractive that way. And more people will then be attracted to talk to you.

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