Confidence Ideas

Here are some simple Confidence Ideas which will give you some key insights on how to build confidence and lead a fulfilling joyous life. Improving self confidence is self perpetuating. Create some and you will have more soon. Believe me, you dont have to remain in a state of low self confidence for long.

Focus on what you can control, not on what you cannot.

By focusing on your area of influence and working on it constantly, you will be able to increase your circle of influence. By doing so, suddenly you will realise that you have increased the things you can influence and control. The key thing is to be disciplined to start with what you have got instead of focusing on your desired state.

Focus on the process, not the outcome

Following a process leads to desired outcomes. Just focus on the next step. Its a good practice to divide your day in 30 minute blocks and just focus on starting a task during that time period. Key to completing a project is to START!

If you need to complete a project report, dont focus on creating and editing together. Just focus on creating a draft first. Editing can be done later.

Stop worrying by not thinking about how things could go wrong. Start thinking about how everthing will turn out fine.

Dont give your energy to people who are negative. Stay far away from them.

Find a way, as often as possible, to be associated with whatever you consider to be beautiful or wonderful.

Find something you are passionate about and turn to it often.

This could be any activity you look forward to and in the process of doing it, you are in a state of flow i.e. the time seems to pass very quickly and you get a sense of fulfillment on completing it.

Never let yourself feel pressured.

Always remember-you know more than you think you do.

Dont be afraid of being wrong.

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