Confidence for Kids, Simplified

Parents, guardians and teachers can play a key role building confidence for kids.

Many of us werent brought up with confidence. We were taught to be modest and discouraged to seek attention. We are also bringing up our children the same way, atleast some of us!

However all of us can raise confident kids. This can be done by the following techniques. These will go a long way in improving child self confidence.

-Chat together over a family meal every day. Ask your child about his day in school. Confidence in conversation leads to confidence in life.

- Encourage your child to develop the right posture. This will lead to positive thinking and confidence.

- Practice proper enunciation. Speaking clearly helps to project confidence.

- Encourage communication. Confident communication with family members sets the stage for confident behaviour outside.

- Allow Children to practice assertion.

- Pick out the positive. Let your optimism and enthusiasm for them shine through clearly.

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