Confidence Builders for Women

So why do we need confidence builders for women? There are many high incidences of low confidence among very successful professional women. Why do women lack self confidence?

This was termed as the impostor syndrome by Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes in a paper titled ‘The Impostor Phenomenon Among High Achieving Women". These women somehow feel that they don’t deserve their success and would be ‘found out’ soon. They feel phoney and anxious and are filled by self doubt. The fact that women are still a minority in senior managerial and executive positions also fuels their anxiety.

Many of them are fearful that ‘success’ would call into question their feminity. Some of the have the guilt of not being able to look after their children well.

The reality is that women in workplaces are known to be more empathetic and have higher Emotional Intelligence. They are also excellent mentors.

Therapists offer role playing techniques suggest that when in doubt, women should act out the ‘I’m truly successful and intelligent role’.

At the same time, companies can play a key role in building a work environment of Diversity and Inclusion. Rapid technological change, globalization, the demand for skills and education, and greater inclusion of women in the workforce have forever changed the employment landscape. Research has shown that Diversity and Inclusion can be the key drivers for employee attraction, engagement and retention resulting in improved business performance.

Inclusion is all about creating an environment that maximizes the potential of all employees. It’s about encouraging and enabling all employees to draw on their talents, skills, and experience for the benefit of business. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, corporates’ success hinges on how well they understand and leverage the differences that each associate brings to the workplace irrespective of their gender. By encouraging constructive dialogue among respected colleagues including women, organizations will be able to tap on unique perspectives and increase their ability to offer innovative products and services.

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