Confidence and Body Image

Your perception of how your body looks and comes across informs your body image. Confidence and body image are related. Your body image can play a role in determining your level of confidence.

Several factors determine your weight and body composition. Some of these factors (such as your calorie intake and exercise) can be controlled. But other factors (such as your metabolic rate, body type and other genetic variables) are actually out of your control. Inspite of what the popular media or your fitness instructor might have told you, most people simply lack the basic building blocks to build the ideal body, regardless of how strict they are with their eating and exercise regimens.

Here are some tips to decrease the importance of your body image and improve your confidence:

> Recognise that you cannot change your body type. Learn to love and enjoy your body. Indulge in some physical activities like swimming, walking, running or weight training and feel energized.

> Weight isn’t the best indicator of health or fitness. Your eating habits, levels of exercise and rest are more critical. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as an ideal body weight based on height. Each one of us has a typical weight based on our body type and genetics.

> There are many ways to be attractive beyond the stereotype. Remember-it's not always the best looking person that manages to get the gal or guy. How you present yourself in social settings also plays a key role. Most of us are much more likely to initiate a discussion with someone who is friendly and approachable rather than a more physically attractive self-centred person. Our personality and behaviour count for a lot. You need to be well read and articulate at the same time take an active interest in the other person.

> Accept and value yourselves. Your attitude towards yourself makes a big difference. Feeling good about yourselves will automatically send off more positive signals to others. They, in turn, will respond with interest.

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