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Few words About Me. The guy who is behind this site. My name is Maneesh Sah. And you can call me Maneesh. I determine the overall editorial direction for this site, provide content and run this site. I live in Singapore. For those of you who haven’t heard of Singapore, it’s a Nation State in South East Asia.

Practical Psychology (a phrase coined by Anthony Robbins) is my passion. I’m very interested to learn about things which motivate people to feel and act confident. And I’m also a strong believer in Simplicity. The aim of this website is to provide ideas, tips and tactics to people to be at their super -confident best so that they can go after the results which they want out of their lives. And live joyous and purposeful lives. And all this without any psycho-babble, in simple language.

My full time career is in Business to Business Marketing. Partnering with executive leadership in driving year-on-year growth via demand generation and brand awareness initiatives through high-impact integrated marketing campaigns is my key skill-set.

Leading and aligning marketing teams and programs with business' revenue generation objectives is my passion.

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About Me

I also publish a blog titled Activist Marketing. Here I share perspectives and ideas on driving growth for organisations.

Activist Marketing

Thanks for dropping by. Please feel free to contact me and leave your comments and feedback at confid11@confidencesimplified.com