Confidence with NLP

You can gain confidence with the techniques of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

You can create your own state associated with Confidence. This can be done through a process called anchoring. Whenever you are in an intense state and an anchor is applied in that instant, the state will be linked to the anchor in your brain.

There are three kinds of achors: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Steps to Creating a Powerful Anchor:

You can create an anchor for confidence.

1-Get yourself into an intense mental state of confidence.

You can do this by visualising a time in the past when you felt confident. Stand the way you were standing, breathe the way you were breathing and have the same facial expressions. Now intensify your state by making the pictures bigger and brighter. And say to yourself what you would say if you felt totally confident.

2-At the peak of this confident state, apply the anchor.

Its a good idea to use a conbination of two anchors, say a combination of kinesthetic and auditory ones. You could clap your hands and shout 'Yes!'. Keep doing this repeatedly till the anchor is installed.

3-Now test your anchor.

Clap your hands and shout 'Yes!'. Check if the emotions associated with Confidence come back. If they do then it means that the anchor has been successfully installed.

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